October 20,2014

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Tamboo Bamboo

Tamboo Bamboo Package Item ID 1025 $224.95

Click here to view a sample of a Tamboo Bamboo performance. (Windows Media Player - 2MB)

Bring a new facet to your pan performances. Our Tamboo Bamboo Packages are a great addition to any steelband concert. Take your audiences back in time as you entertain and educate about the history and early musical form that gave birth to the steel drum movement.

African drums were banned in Trinidad in 1884 by British colonial rulers and for half a century carnival processions made music from hollow bamboo tubes, biscuit tins, bottles and scrap iron. In those days, your instrument was also your weapon as rival gangs evolved into rival bands.

Through great determination and creativity the early pioneers of pan persevered to develop Tamboo Bamboo which led to Old Time Pan and eventually the modern day steeldrum that we enjoy.

Tamboo Bamboo is fun, educational and easy to add to any performance. Comes complete with four basses, two cutters, two sets of fullers and a brief history and rhythm sheet. Feel free to use any other percussion instrument like cowbells, bottles, shekeres, brake drums etc...

Plants not included
Tamboo Bamboo Package Item ID 1025 $224.95
Customer Responses

I have to say you guys are really on top - I recently got to hear one of your Solid Hoop pans up-close and I was totally amazed. You guys are true artists of the pan and have really taken it to the breaking point where everyone else needs (to) and should take the step to step up.

I just want to congratulate all of you at Panyard, Inc. on your hard work and drive for the artform. Hats off to each and every one of you in Akron.

- Kali McDade

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