October 8,2015

World's Best Beginning Steeldrum!

Panyard, Inc. is delighted to present the "Jumbie Jam", the world's best beginner steeldrum! The very Spirit of Pan (the Pan Jumbie himself) has taken up residence at Panyard, Inc. and has inspired us to produce this fantastic beginner musical instrument!

The Jumbie Jam is professionally packaged, and includes You will be blown away by the quality of this instrument - there are many beginner pans out there, but only the Jumbie Jam produces a sound that matches that of a professional quality instrument. Check out the Video and Audio clips on the right to experience this for yourself!

BLUE Jumbie ITEM ID : 1058    Price : $249.95    

Video Clips

A short, fun presentation of the Jumbie Jam!

Large (14 Mb)
Small (3 Mb)

Audio Clips

Some MP3's of the Jumbie Jam playing along with the background tracks from the included CD!

Bonus Track! - The Jumbie Jam Jingle

Images (Click to Enlarge)

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