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When Words fail, music speaks.

It's a hard world right now. We absolutely get it.
And for us, music is how we get through it.

Making music is a way for many of us to express what we don’t know how to put into words. It’s meditative. It calms, soothes, and helps us navigate our own spirits and the world around us.


When our founder, Ron Kerns, first heard the sound of the steel drum — also called a steel pan or steelpan — it spoke to him.

Check out some of our main instruments

An instrument with historic significance

The steel pan instrument originated in Trinidad and has significant cultural importance. An instrument of the resistance, it carries with it a message of hope and resilience. Trinidadians were banned from playing instruments, but they found a way to keep the music going. 

The music now flies free in trinidad, like their national bird, the scarlet ibis.

           We hope your music will help you fly free as well. 

Panyard offers steel drums for sale not only because we want to sell an instrument, but because we want to show you a lifestyle.

Steel drums can be played by people of any age, and level of talent, and anywhere!

We have steel drums for everyone, whether you're a newbie or an old pro!

           Introducing a new and exciting percussion instrument

The T’ing is an instrument that sounds similar to a African bell or iron (brake drum). 

It can be used in unlimited percussive environments, substituting for or in conjunction with the multitude of similar instruments.

Jumbie Jams make great gifts

Our instruments and accessories are not only healthy for your mind and spirit, but the perfect unique gift for the creative musician in your household or your Pan playing friends and family.  Can never go wrong with the gift of music!

Our comprehensive Pan accessories ensure you get exactly what you need! We outfit mass bands or individuals. 

Join our Pan family – we offer starter kits that include all of the essentials for you to be jamming in minutes!

No matter what you choose — Jumbie Jam, full size Pan, Tamboo Bamboo or T’ing – Panyard is your one-stop-shop for instruments, cases, stands, mallets, sheet music and accessories – everything you need to Escape. Rest. Recover. 

Jam with us – check out some of our main instruments below.

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