Introducing the T'ing

A new instrument forged from Panyard ingenuity

Ready for a new, all-steel instrument that will take your sound to the next level?

Try Panyard’s T’ing, a one-of-a-kind percussion instrument that can be played mounted on a drum kit, everything rack, marching percussion or handheld (mounting bracket included).

This dynamic percussion instrument produces a variety of unique resonant metallic sounds that will enhance any drummer or percussionist’s batterie of sound sources! The sound is similar to African bells, or even the better known cowbell. 


“The T’ing is unique in sound,” explained co-creator and Panyard founder Ron Kerns. “It’s very resonant, and you can control the length of that resonance.”


That’s done with the acoustic modifier, which dampens the T’ing as a drum key is tightened. We used our expertise in crafting metal instruments to bring this brand new instrument to your home, band or school. 


30 Day Money-Back Guarantee – We know you’ll love the T’ing. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, simply return it within 30 days and we’ll issue a full refund and cover the return shipping. 

To return please send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we will e-mail you a prepaid return label.  If you desire, we would like to know why you weren’t satisfied with the T’ing, which you can include in your e-mail. 

What inspired the new percussion instrument?

In steel bands, it’s common to use a car brake drum to keep everybody together, according to Kerns. In Trinidad, the bands would often have 120 players in one band, which takes up a massive amount of space. 


“If you didn’t have a central rhythm provided by the ‘engine room,’ it would be a train wreck,” Kerns said. “So, they’d have people playing a car brake drum, an iron, anything to keep the rhythm.”


The problem is that, while they’re great at helping the musicians keep a beat, these things are bulky and heavy. 


A few years ago, Kerns was preparing for a mini tour with the Panyard steel orchestra. They were looking for something they could mount that would be easy to carry while on tour, and a car brake drum just wasn’t going to cut it.

Kerns, Chris Hanning and Ron Drouin scavenged a nearby shop — with permission, of course — and after digging through piles of metal and shapes, they came across the elements that would eventually become the T’ing. 


After the initial inspiration driven by the need for a solution in the engine room/percussion section, Kerns realized that the T’ing could be utilized in all musical environments, making this an exciting instrument for everyone and every musical situation.   

How do I use the T’ing?

Whatever musical environment, genre or style you’re playing, the T’ing fits in. As an orchestral percussion instrument, it’s great for all kinds of new music, and you can use all types of mallets and brushes on it. You can even strum it with a bow!

“It’s a fun instrument that you can be creative with,” said Kerns. “You can improvise on it, and play a solo.”

The T’ing can be used in more than just performances. It’s great as an instrument during music education classes as well. Students can easily play the T’ing as they learn to keep a beat!

There are three color coded pitches/sizes available:  low, medium and high. It can be used with or in place of:

  • Cowbell
  • African Bell
  • Jam Block
  • Cymbal Dome/Bell
  • Agogo
  • Shakers
  • Guiro
  • Claves
  • Anvil
  • Iron(Brake Drum)

Use the T’ing in endless musical environments. Use it in marching bands, drum circles, all genres of music, percussion ensemble, solo percussion, orchestra, concert band, wind ensemble, pit percussion and whatever else you can imagine.


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