Experts advise early Christmas shopping, and we do, too!

Experts advise early Christmas shopping, and we do, too!

We wanted to share an update with you all about gifts arriving in time for the holidays. Every industry has seen an impact on its supply chain since the COVID pandemic began, and that includes our own shop. Between shipping delays, backlogged parts, chip shortages, and a lack of workers in some industries, things are taking a little longer than they used to. 

If you plan to shop online this year for gifts, we suggest you start today. Here at Panyard, we are stepping up to fulfill our customers’ needs as best we can.

“Giving and receiving Christmas gifts is a special moment for young and old, and even more so when it is the gift of music,” says Panyard Co-owner and Director of Marketing Randy Kerns. “In response to global product and delivery issues, we have executed extensive measures to curtail delays in fulfillment.  We are working hard to ensure that everyone has a Jumbie Jam under the tree!”

Scott Price, the international president for shipping giant UPS, recently said that he half-jokingly tells people to “order your Christmas presents now because otherwise on Christmas day, there may just be a picture of something that’s not coming until February or March.” 

This could spill over into brick and mortar stores as well. The most popular toys and musical instruments this year will most likely be sold out faster than usual, and won’t restock as quickly as they could in the past. 

“Major retailers are expecting a strong holiday shopping season but have warned of limited inventories, longer shipping times, labor shortages and fewer discounts,” Morgan Stanley economists said in a recent note to investors, according to CBS News.

We encourage our shoppers to purchase their mallets, Jumbie Jams, Songbooks and other supplies this month, rather than waiting. Ready? Shop now!

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