Note from the Founder + 20% off!

Brothers Randy and Ron Kerns playing Panyard's Jumbie Jam

Note from the Founder + 20% off!

The first time I heard and played a steel pan in 1982, I was hooked for life! It was during my application process at Akron University, where I attended for a degree in percussion arts and music education.  

Fast forward to the end of the ‘80s – the Little Mermaid had just captured everyone’s hearts on the big screen. I, however, had just graduated from Akron University and was traveling to Trinidad to perform with the award-winning Phase II Steel Orchestra. 

I realized quickly, after transcribing and publishing a couple of arrangements, that there was a void for not only professional, published steel band music, but for other products like pan mallets, stands and cases. I also knew how hard it was to acquire a quality steel pan. I ordered my first pan while in college, and it took four years to receive! 

That’s why we founded Panyard. We want to make high quality pan-related products readily available so that this beautiful art form could be accessed and enjoyed by everyone from music educators to professional musicians. 

The Jumbie Jam is currently the product we are most proud of. It provides affordable access to anyone who wants to make music at home. The Jumbie Jam is also magical for special needs children, and is an excellent choice for music therapy. There’s nothing better than seeing a child’s face light up when they simply strike a note. 

We want you to experience this wide-ranging instrument, which is why we’ve got select products marked at 20% off. If you’re an educator, shop our bundles below. As always, thank you for your support!

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