Spice up next year’s music curriculum with Jumbie Jams

Spice up next year’s music curriculum with Jumbie Jams

The Jumbie is an instrument that kids want to play. You can create a wide variety of exciting sounds that combine Orff, Ukulele and Jumbie Jams.  Check out how teachers all over the country are incorporating the Jumbie Jam into their music curriculum!

Thinking of what to do with your remaining 2022 budget?

Carve out a few special weeks toward the end of the year introducing the Jumbie Jam and building student excitement for 2022-23. Try a few Jumbies now! We ship immediately. 

The Jumbie Jam is a durable authentic steel pan that includes:

  • 16” diameter Steel Pan
  • Mallets
  • A stand of your choice. 

They can be purchased as single kits or in economical Educator’s 4-Pack.  

Specifications: The Jumbie Jam pan is one octave, and the notes are labeled with the note letter.  The pan is offered in G or F Diatonic.  

The Power of Pentatonic 

The versatility of the Jumbie Jam makes it a fantastic instrument for PreK-8 music classrooms.  Part of this adaptability is they can be converted to Pentatonic and other keys/scales.   

Panyard’s Pentatonic and Key Conversion Magnet Kits

Jumbie Jams can quickly and easily be converted to Pentatonic and other keys or scales, or you can simply block notes you don’t want played.  Simply apply magnets which are shaped like the JJ notes.  Magnet kits are available from Panyard which include two magnets and can also be purchased in multi-packs.

Find out how one educator helped her students learn with our magnets!

Click here for more on our Magnet Kits including conversion charts.  

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