Steel drums for sale through Panyard

Steel drums for sale

Steel drums for sale through Panyard

Do you love the sound of the islands? Does the sound of the steel drums set your heart a-flutter? It always has for us, too. That’s why we founded Panyard. You can order a full set of pans from our company, or purchase a small-scale version with big-steel drum sound! We have steel drums for sale on our website. 

How to buy steel drums

Our full-size pans are handmade, and are made to order. While we’re working on streamlining the production process, right now each steel drum is custom-made. If you’re interested in a smaller version, check out our Jumbie Jams!

There are four basic steelpan percussion instruments. 

  • Lead pan C: Our lead pan is a single drum, and is regularly used by soloists. 
  • Double second: The double second  uses two drums, which carry the notes on a whole-tone scale. 
  • Cello steel drum: The cello steelpan features three drums!  
  • Bass: Bass steel drums or bass steelpan features six entire steel drums. 

To order, simply visit our website or call our store at (1-800) 377-0202.

We work with:

  • Educators
  • Professionals
  • Beginners
  • And anyone else who has a love for island music!

Steel drums at an affordable price

To place an order on our website, you can select the type of pan you want. Our import series is our mid-range series of pans, and comes in various sizes. You can place your order online, and you will then be contacted within three business days to discuss your timeframe. These high-quality instruments take advantage of our advanced understanding of the physics and geometry of Pan providing the optimum play-ability and timbral consistency. 

You’ll be pleased to know that these instruments are made by builders in Trinidad, and then shipped to our shop in Ohio. 

High end steel drums for sale

Our solid hoop line of pans are on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. You’ll order these the same way you would the import series. These handcrafted pans represent the highest quality instruments available anywhere in the industry, and are the result of literally hundreds of hours of work by our dedicated crew. 

Every aspect of the instrument is carefully controlled. By the time the instrument is in your hands, it has gone through a process like no other pan on the planet. We control the selection of the steel before the Solid Hoop barrel is constructed, take thousands of measurements throughout the construction process, and carefully thin out each note to its own individual thickness. Once the pan is tuned, it is analyzed by a team of experts. Based on their recommendations, the drum is tweaked, adjusted, and played over a period of time to iron out any timbral inconsistencies that may be present.

The result is an instrument that is unmatched for balance and clarity, and that will give you, the performer, an unprecedented range of expression!

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